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Shipping and Returns


The products you order will be supplied and shipped within 3 working days from the date of approval.

Returns and Exchanges

Attention: In all kinds of communication about your order, be sure to state your order number. Sold products are not refundable, except for the following conditions.

1. In case the sold product (*) is faulty,

2. If the shipment is damaged during transportation from the cargo company (**) and this damage is detected and the product is not received by the buyer, the damage is compensated by us.

(*) For the acceptance of your request regarding the problems related to the products (problems that cannot be noticed during delivery are included in this scope);

a) If the invoice is issued in your name and you are not a taxpayer, our invoice and waybill issued to you; If you are a taxpayer or have your company invoiced for your order, your invoice and delivery note regarding the product(s) you will return must be sent with the products.

b) The return process must be initiated within two days following the delivery date.

c) Returned products must be sent back with the company used in the delivery.

d) After the reason for the return is evaluated, the defective products will be replaced with new ones if they comply with the conditions listed above. In such a case, all costs of the return and resend stages belong to us. If the return of the product is not found to comply with the above conditions, all costs in the return request process are borne by the customer himself.

(**) In case of problems arising from the delivery company; damaged packages should not be received and a report should be made with the delivery company. If the representative of the delivery company thinks that the package is not damaged, you have the right to open the package and check that the products were delivered undamaged and to request that the situation be determined with a report. However, after the package is received by you, it is deemed that the delivery company has done its duty properly. If the package is not accepted and a report is kept, the situation should be reported to us as soon as possible with the copy of the report that you have left. We will ensure a new and healthy delivery as soon as possible.

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